lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2012

A phenomenon called The Voice

the voice

The Voice Australia coaches

It seems to be in every country, on everyone's lips. I believe it is here to stay – at least for a couple of seasons. If some of you have managed to avoid this spectacular show (in my opinion it truly is entertainment as its best) let me tell you some facts about The Voice. First stage in the programme is the blind auditions where all four coaches are sitting back towards the stage and make their decision, that is push the ”I want you” button, without seeing the performance. So it is all about The Voice, as a format's name might hint. I personally find this really intriguing since being an artist is so much more than just the voice: it's the presence on the stage, how you take the audience, what kind of show you are providing. Most of all, it is the whole package: what kind of experience you are creating for the audience. On the other hand, a true artist can transmit the message and the feeling of the song only by using their instrument, their voice. Entertainment business is a tough field and there are some people out there who have been waiting for a chance like this for their whole life. For them blind auditions are like a blessing – competitors are only judged by their voice and how they can touch their audience only by singing and not for example by the way they look.

There are some points-of-parity when it comes to The Voice. First of all, there have been dozens of music related reality shows, or have you forgotten the shows such as Idol, X-Factor ad Got Talent to name but a few. They have been on air for years and there seems to be no end for their popularity. Another point-of-parity is that competitors get eliminated along the way and the power of coaches diminishes the further the show goes, and in the end, it is the audience that will choose the winner.

What makes The Voice so popular then? Apart from those points-of-parity, The Voice's freshness seems to appeal to viewers. The Voice Australia, for example, draw in over 2 million viewers with the premiere episode. Pretty impressive, eh? I am not sure about the case in Australia, but at least in Finland most of the participants were actually professionals (unlike in other shows) invited for the show, who just haven't got their breakthrough yet. That can be seen as a point-of-difference. When listening to those performances which are better after another you just keep asking youself a simple question with one word: ”Why?” As I mentioned earlier, music industry is not only about living in the dreams and living happily ever after with loads of money after making a few big hits – it is actually really hard work with years and years of practising, creating contacts and having a gig after another. Furthermore, in order to succeed an artist also needs a bit of luck. Being in the right place at the right time and having a market gap for one's music.. For me it rather sounds like needing a miracle instead of just a bit of luck. I'm convinced that formats like The Voice are creating great opportunities but it has to be kept in mind that in the end of the day it is the artist itself who has to do the hard work.

One more thing I can think of that differentiates The Voice from other shows shown earlier, is that the coaches are not mean towards participants. Actually, there is no need for being cruel since all the competitors (or at least most of them) are professionals and even really talented ones will be eliminated before the actual programme starts. As a matter of fact, the coaches are actually nagging at each other (with good spirit, though) since they are also competing. It's the name of the game, hey! After all, they are trying to make the best entertainment ever. And I have to say that job very well done! It is kind of addictive or am I the only one who has ”The Voice fever”? Moreover, is there any cure for it? I know one which might help: watching the next episode tonight!

 This is just one the amazing performances

keskiviikko 18. huhtikuuta 2012

Making the most of the time we have!

I started to live the life I've always dreamt of about a year ago. I stopped worrying too much the past and what others might expect me to be, and instead started looking eagerly forward. All I can say is that the attitude you have toward life makes the difference. One of my favourite quotes by Paulo Coelho goes like this: ”When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I started to look at the brighter side of life, thinking my glass is half full instead of being negative and worrying that it's nearly empty. Most importantly, when I changed my way of thinking, everything around me changed. I became like a magnet and suddenly I realized being surrounded by people who were seeing the world the same way I did. Great minds definitely think alike.

All of a sudden, positive things just started happening and it became like a never ending, positive, upward spiral and my days were filled with laughter, smile and joy. Little by little I started to reach toward my dreams. First, I changed my eating habits totally and believe me, we really are what we eat. Second, I started to take singing lessons once again, and this time I got the best teacher in the whole world, lovely Saara, who helped me in so many ways I can never thank enough. Third, which I believe is the most important one, was that I took a scary step out of my comfort zone and travelled to the other side of the world, all alone. Noticing that yes, I will manage in a country with full of strangers even though I don't have my support network around me, has convinced me that I am able to achieve everything I want.

Now I will challenge you to think what dreams you are carrying inside of your heart. You might have come up with a lot of excuses along the way why you cannot take the chances and live the life you always wanted but I want you to change your way of thinking. The life is here. The life is now. You will not get another chance so why not taking the most of it while you still can.

Chameleon Girl - Hanna Marsh