torstai 10. toukokuuta 2012

What is wrong with media?

Scandal after scandal, gossip after gossip.. As sales decrease, papers are doing whatever it takes to make profit, because at the end of the day it is the bottom line that counts. What seems to sell time after time are stories about celebrities. Nowadays media is putting a lot of effort on digging something out of their past, present or future. Any corps in the closet, any crimes convincted in the past, any messy relationships? Media is sure to find it out, you can rely on it.

Media's most important job is to inform public about things that are going on. Media is standing up for citizens and lead public discussion about important issues, which are affecting our everyday lives. But what I do not understand is why there's always a lot of (usually negative flavoured) writing about celebrities. I honestly feel sorry for them who are always in the frontline. The press is writing hoaxes about them, usually without even bothering to check the facts.(Reliable source, yeah right.) At the same time they are hurting people's feelings. Because that's what celebrities are after all – people, human beings.. Just like everyone of us. The fact that being a public person is a part of their job description doesn't mean that they can be treated badly. Furthermore, I think that in the era of social media the problem has culminated since not only is media attacking celebrities from every possible direction but also it is piece of cake to insult them anonymously in the wonderland of Internet. How gutless is that?

I keep wondering what is behind this change. Are people trying to underpin their self-esteem by mocking others or are they just simply jealous because celebrities seem to be flawless and deep inside people would like to be in their position in the limelight? Is it really that hard to be genuinely happy for someone who has succeeded in their life and spread the positive energy to others? I understand that one cannot like everyone. But it doesn't mean that one couldn't treat others with respect. ”Treat others as you want to be treated.”

The saying ”no one is a prophet in their own country” seems to be true. Artists are booed in their homecountry and greeted with joy elsewhere. I've witnessed this to happen a couple of times when it comes to artists in Scandinavia but Australia doesn't seem to be any better. The recent writings about Delta Goodrem (one of the four coaches in Australian version of the megahit The Voice) have really made me disappointed. Although I've never met her personally, she seems to be an inspiring person with a positive attitude toward life and a heart made of gold. And yes, I took a walk down memory lane. I remember clearly the teenage me singing from the bottom of my heart ”Lost Without You” even though I was on the other side of the world. So I cannot say I'm completely objective. However, it doesn't change the fact that in my opinion she has been treated unfairly. ”I never said I was perfect,” she said in an interview by Woman's Day. Nobody is, so why would celebrities make an exception. Instead of pushing others (not only celebrities but people we're in contact in our everyday lives) down we should encourage each other and make the world a better place to live in.

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