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How to use QR codes in advertisement most effectively


The ad for the movie The Dictator

Whilst waiting for the bus, the ad for promoting the new movie “The Dictator” caught my eye. Or actually the thing that made it unusual compared to other “traditional” ads I’ve seen - the QR code. As the number of smart phones is increasing all the time, we are going into the direction where QR codes are increasingly used in ads. Even though I liked seeing some creative thinking, there is still lot to learn how to use QR codes in a more effective way. In my opinion, the QR code wasn’t strategically well positioned (in the lower right corner) since you really have to look at the ad carefully to see it, unless people tend to look at their feet. In my opinion it would work better if it was on the eye-level so that people wouldn’t be able to miss it. Moreover, it would be more convenient to scan the code.

The QR code directs you to the trailer of the movie. I have my doubts, though. Does the trailer really engage possible consumers? I can only speak for myself, but I have to say the answer would be no. What I would’ve done is to create an application where consumer can find the nearest cinemas (there should be a possibility to change places, e.g. Adelaide CBD). After choosing the place the application would provide information when the movie is shown. Again, let the consumer change the date and time that suites best for him/her. When the consumer has found the best alternative, s/he should be able to purchase the tickets because that is the ultimate goal – to increase the sales. Otherwise all the effort you’ve put into the advertisement campaign is just waste of resources. I cannot highlight it enough that the most important rule for effective advertisement is: Do it nice and easy for consumers! They will reward you.

If you like to add more features to the application, you can put the trailer, possibly some (flattering) reviews to name but a few. But what you really want, is the consumer to purchase what you have to offer. When you lower the barrier to purchase, the people are more likely to actually do so. When thinking the advertisement campaign through the eyes of the consumer, you can gain a lot in a very cost-efficient way.

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