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Price marks, trust marks and love marks

This post is about Management of Brands course and the content challenge nr 1:

Price marks:
In the case of price marks, market is really competitive and products are close substitutes. For me, water is a price mark. In Finland the tapwater actually tastes delicious compared to Australian. After finding out that the filter is broken, I decided to go to look for spring waters. Because I believe that there aren't huge differences between companies, I just bought the cheapest one I could find and that happened to be this Marble Hill -spring water (correct me if I'm wrong). They have a nice story, though but they are not going to fool me! 

Trust marks:
Products (why not services as well) I trust to be the same from day to day. Nice to have some Finnish candies in Australia – from a Swedish furniture store, called tittididii.. Ikea! I think both of them could be counted as trust marks. The candies do taste the same than they did back at home and Ikea was full of furniture that I've seen countless times before. I reckon everyone knows what Ikea looks like so I don't need to upload the photo of that massive building here.
Love marks:
This is a tough one. Apple would have been an obvious choice, but I only own iPod so I cannot say I'm a huge fan. I love taking photos – and yes, both of my cameras are the same brand – Canon! That is a love mark for me, because I never even consider any other brand. ”Once you're in love, you're in love for good”, or..? At least for now!

 What about you and your price, trust and love marks?

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